Our Web & Mobile App Projects

Our team has experience in building custom software solutions for a variety of industry verticals, and we will be happy to demonstrate you some of our recent works. Have a look at featured projects.


File Storage

Our team has built a Windows Client for a new secure storage for data files. Working with a global company which recently launched a cloud storage service, we were asked to create a new client for using this virtual storage. We enabled users to upload their data with a simple and functional user interface and powerful functionality that not only enables users to upload files into vaults but also manage their storage, add new vaults and remove the others customizing their experience.


Get Fit

One of our recent projects was dedicated to a mobile application development. The application presents a mobile platform for fitness enthusiasts and people who just start exercising. The program forms daily exercises and workouts based on users’ goals and the data related to their metrics which they entered manually. The app creates custom fitness programs helping users to achieve their targets. Besides we integrated in-app purchase functionality for premium content.

Health & Fitness


A visitor registration system became an ultimate program that replaces a visitor book with the help of iOS app and web admin dashboard. The system enables to check in unlimited number of visitors and notifies employees about new arrivals. With the help of iOS app login, a dashboard remotely views all visitors movements within the company. The dashboard also provides information according to the user role about companies, location, employees, and billing data.


Insurance Plan

Our customer presents a whole coalition of partners who were looking for a software solution that could provide alternative resources for users to get acquainted with the available insurance plans and reduce their efforts related to the enrollment for the insurance plan. Our development team built a website that helps users to access essential information and provide support providing enrollment services. Our team ensured that site is also intuitive and usable for the mobile devices.


Journalists’ Records

Our team was asked to improve the search and comparison of regional public records for data-driven journalism. We closely cooperated with our customer from mockup stage to the implementation ensuring intuitive and personalized web structure and functionality. The system contains more than hundreds of searchable datasets providing full access to early publications across the region. We were also asked to make code open-sourced.


Event Register

The customer was looking for a better management system for the live events. The cable channel has more than billion of subscribers faced with the difficulties related to the event registration and inadequate tracking. We developed a custom event management application with brand implementation and better reporting system. Our team ensures easy-to-use navigation making possible to quickly launch events and monitor their marketing success.