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What advanced web developer have to know?

Any professional web programmer engaged in the development of world wide web applications or websites, running over HTTP, have to know, how to implement attractive and interactive web design into correct work for all the main browsers.

Though there no license requirements to become a web developer, a real professional should master a lot of tools, server-side languages, and frameworks:

Web development is a complicated process, requiring a set of special skills, that is why there many colleges which offer coursework in this area.

Our company has the in-house team of qualified programmers ready to your tasks of any complexity.

Why Choose Our Company

Our in-house team includes programmers, designers, managers, marketing specialists and other experts of the IT industry. We know how to improve your internet presence or create a bespoke website, to attract target audience and to make an online project profitable and effective.

One of the key benefits of our IT company — vast experience in development of complex web-based systems. We can integrate external and internal custom software to realise convenient corporate system.

Our programmers can create a simple and attractive site or a complicated portal, as well as the extensive integrated web solution for your company needs.

Our projects on automation of business processes both in small companies and large corporations have already successfully operated for many years.


Our experience

Our company has enormous experience of information web systems development of any complexity.

We realize the projects, providing exhaustive information presence of clients on the Internet:

  • Corporate systems;
  • Industry solutions;
  • Cultural and socially significant web products.

For 6 years of the successful work, our company has created a huge number of corporate websites for various industries. The developers always try to understand better the specifics of your business and ready to propose the best solutions on data security, involvement of private and institutional investors, work with journalists.


Web design and development

Our company provides services on development with the following criteria:

  • Customized solutions
  • Focus on UI/UX design
  • High functionality and performance
  • Excellent quality and safety of your data

Designers & UX testers

Our programmers and engineers create scalable and robust web apps and sites based on the high corporate standards. QA (quality control) department monitors the performance to eliminate bugs. Our team is working with the next programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, Python, CSS3, C++, as well as advanced server-side components, frameworks, and libraries.


Automation of internal processes

As professional developers, we transfer the vast experience of web projects creation to elaboration of the decisions helping to organize work in the companies of the clients.

The products we provide will considerably facilitate the automation of business processes and customer interaction. We create:

  • Enterprise portals
  • Web portals of business management
  • HR portals

In addition to information web portals for employees, our company develop the software helping with training processes and motivation of specialists, the organization of working process and control of order accomplishment.

The Process of Development

As soon as we start cooperation, we will discuss your vision of the software, its purpose, preferable terms, and the budget. These are the major parameters to guide us further, offering you creative concepts. Together we will find ratio opportunities for your business at a fair price.

Work on the ideas

The project manager will coordinate the working progress. This is the expert who has already realized dozens of the websites and applications meeting world trends and quality standards.

We appoint the most suitable expert with the maximum experience in your sphere: whether it is Internet trade, applications for social networks,a mobile application, startup or corporate solution.

Project managers are very scrupulous people, they will bombard you with questions. At this stage, the development process needs your time and attention - only this way it is possible to develop and bring to the market a perfect project corresponding to all your needs.

Concept and interfaces

Before design creation, the developers need to elaborate the concept. We always try to feel the "mood" of the project, and then form the strong and bright graphical concept.

This concept is developed by creative group of developers: art director, designers, project manager and interface specialists. Such approach guarantees that the interface of your project is convenient for users, and design — bright and eye-catching.

You can ask questions directly to our developers, express wishes, and amendments. And further, page by the page, we continue development of screens. You will feel the project pulse all the time.


We love imposition - adaptive, modern, simple. At this stage, the developers add the most of the animation and interactive objects to the project. You receive not just a set of pictures, but interactive pages, working in the browser and strictly conforming to the modern standards of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

Our experts carry out double quality check. First, the designer watches that the prototype completely corresponds to the original concept. Secondly, the specialists of quality control check that all screens are correctly displayed in all browsers and on all mobile gadgets.

Professional approach

Our team is proficient in development of working sites, web services, and applications.

Your project is created step by step, and, as a result, possesses all the functions prior to your business.

Already upon termination of the first stages, you are provided with completely efficient project which can be exposed to network and even begin to pay-off. Between the stages, the developers can rearrange, change, exclude or add new functions to make it possible for you to control all the process. We can work using the Agile approach, or strictly act according to the initial plan to create an outstanding product for your business needs.

The Full Range of Web Development Services

We offer the full range of services for projects of any level — from organising software creation from the scratch to testing of the final product and its quality estimation.

Our bespoke website development services

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  • cl2cl2
  • cl3cl3
  • cl4cl4
  • cl5cl5


  • Audit of existing web source
  • Specification
  • Online-research of competitors
  • Web analytics
  • Concept of a digital project


  • Prototypes
  • Usability testing of the website or prototypes
  • Information design
  • Adaptive design


  • Web development and coding
  • Mobile versions of websites
  • Functionality and usability testing
  • Load and safety testing
  • Cross-browser testing


  • SMM
  • SEO
  • PR
  • Contextual advertising
  • The integrated campaigns


  • Technical support
  • System administration
  • Integration of new options
  • Usability tests and program code audit

Why Choose a Web Design Company Rather than a Freelance Web Developer?

When you employ a freelance developer who is either self-employed programmer or a contractor for different companies, it is impossible to control and manage his work. You can hardly be sure about the terms of work, and it will be difficult to make sure that you get a qualitative product.

With our development company, you can control any stage of work and be sure that the product complies with the high-quality standards of bespoke development.

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  • cl2cl2
  • cl3cl3

How Long Does It Take to Create a Website?

The well-organized design process can be easily forecasted and planned. Usually, it takes up to 6 weeks to create a responsive custom website. Our developers always meet the deadlines and follow the schedule. We assign a team that is experienced in your particular industry and can work without distracting on extra investigations.

In fact, the time limits greatly depend on how soon you provide us with the feedback on the work. Another important factor is the functionality you need - the more options, the more time, so if you want to get approximate timeframes of project, contact us, and we will estimate the volume of work.

How to start cooperation?

If you need competent web developers, contact us, using the way you like: content form, email or telephone. We will also be happy to see you at our headquarters.

We will schedule a meeting, discuss the project, estimate the price and terms. You can have a look at the portfolio and ask everything you want to know about our team or working process.

We guarantee:

  • Multi-device solution
  • Robust and secure coding
  • Functional and scalable software
  • User-friendly and appealing design
  • Standards compliance
  • SEO friendly websites
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Team-work with your in-house developers

If you decide to start cooperation, we can proceed with the planning of your future site. The developers will thoroughly research the task to identify your needs and provide you with the best mobile strategy. When we have signed the contract and approved specifications, we can proceed to code and design, and finally supply you the top-notch software that you have ordered.

Development tools and additional options

We create from scratch unique and efficient software without using any web-building platforms like WordPress. The web developers think over every single element, design layout of every page and pay attention to all the details to ensure the perfect look of a site corresponding to your brand.

You can additionally take advantage of our support and hosting services - choose the options from the wide range of solutions to find those that suit you best. Our experts will consult you on all possibilities we provide to cover your company’s needs.

If you need to integrate into the digital solution any third-party plugins or tools, we can include this option in the overall cost. Other possible expenses may include the cost of fonts and stock images, but we will inform you in advance if anything has to be purchased at extra cost.

But you should always keep in mind that most plugins’ and tools’ licenses are valid for a year, and then you will have to renew the subscription.